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Group Home Essential Information

What is Group Home or Residential Care Home (RCH)

  • Home that licensed from the Division of Health to have unrelated people in need of care, support or supervision to live together in one residential care home (calls by Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) 449.017) “Residential facility for groups”

Types of Licensing Categories of Residential Care Homes

Category 1 (Ambulatory)

Residents’ ability to move from an unsafe area to an area of safety without assistance from another person within 4 minutes.

Category 2 (Non-ambulatory)

Residents’ ability to move from an unsafe area to an area of safety with assistance from another person within 4 minutes.

Alzheimer's & related dementia

RCH that offers or provide care for residents with Alzheimer's disease or related dementia


What service that RCH or Group home or assisting living provide?

  • Daily living routine and activities, laundry, daily meal, medication management, hygiene maintenance, and etc.

Is Assisted Living and Residential Care homes being the same?

  • The main differences are size of the transportation to facility and the cenetary ratio of care to residents.

    • Assisted living are much bigger facilities and have bigger ratio of care per residents (most Assisted Living Facilities have 2-3 caregivers, per 50-150 residents)

    • RCH is usually 5-10 beds (patients per home) and lower ratio of caregiver per residents (1 caregiver for 6 patient or 2 caregivers for more than 6 residents)

  • The similarities

    • Provide the assistance for the resident who need help in their living

    • Private/ Semiprivate Rooms

    • Services

  • Cost

    • Assisted living avg price is 3,400-3,600 USD per month

    • RCH or Group home is 1,000-7,000++ USD per month depends on level of care needed, quality and size of the room and home, and location.

Does Medicare pay for residential care homes?

  • Medicare DOES NOT cover the costs of assisted living facilities (ALF) or residential care homes (RCH). However, Medicare will cover qualified healthcare costs while residents is living at ALF or RCH. Medicare is more often used to pay for a skilled nursing facility, home health care or hospice.

What pay for RCH?

  • Medicaid covers RCH depends on level of patient care, but only some RCH can accept Medicaid. With the RCH that accept Medicaid, that will help you get higher quality or nicer home or bigger room, with your affordable budget. For example, the RCH room cost 3,500 and if your Medicaid cover 1,100 USD you may only pay 2,400 USD per month to RCH.

  • Some Very good health insurances to cover the RCH, that would help you or your love one can stay in a nicer, more service or bigger places.

Who qualified for Medicaid program that helps pay for RCH?

  • Elderly age over 65 years old

  • Ambulatory (able to walk unassisted or walk with a cane or walker, or transfer independently from a wheelchair)

  • Need an intermediate level of care

  • Meet Medicaid’s income and assets limits

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