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Group Home Las Vegas is a marketing agency that aims to help and support and share the information for individuals, Patients, Families, Caregivers and Discharge Managers for the housing & health service specialized in Residential Care Homes (RCH) or Group homes and HIC or HIRC homes.  The individuals who need assistance in their living and need someone to take care of themselves. Residents in Group homes or HIRC homes are ones who are no longer able to take care of themselves at their home but would still prefer the atmosphere of a family home setting.

We are team of the experienced members who understand how group homes operate, understand the needs of discharge planners, and understand how much families would like to find the right place for their loved ones. We understand the transition process, requirements and limitations from individuals, families, discharge case managers and group homeowners. We partner with group homes and HIC/HIRC homeowners to help them raise their awareness and fill in the place, we service and help individuals, families and discharge managers to find the right place for the residents.

Our Services
Individuals, families, caregivers: we help you find the right place at the right location and within your budget. We help shorten your time to search for a home. We also can give advice if it is needed, for example, recommending a   Hospice, Home Health service, etc.

Discharge Case Managers: we help you find or connect you to residential homes that most fit in your patients' criteria, we know you are busy, and we can help reduce your time and work. Send us the requirement and leave it to us.

Group Home/ Residential Care homeowner: We help providing information for each group home or HIC/HIRC home and help to market and advertise your business. Our additional service, if you want to own a group home, but have no time to manage or want to only be an investor, is to provide management service to handle operations for you.

Hospice/HomeHealth:  We do recommend the residence and group homeowners to be your clients.

We love to work to support and strengthen our community, our service area is Las Vegas and Henderson. Leave us a message or requirements, we are looking forward to working with you.

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