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Where should I start when I need to find place
for my parents or partners? 


When the time that we need help to take care of someone we love, it isn't easy.

You will always have a second thought if is it the right thing to do; should we try to take care of them at home firsthand or sending them to a residential facility should be better? Along with the convenience comes a guilt feeling that they may feel that they are no longer loved and needed. All these questions might be coming to your head but there is no right or wrong answer; fact is aging is inevitable, it's a process, a life cycle. When you get older, like an old car, our body needs maintenance, repair or replacement. Unfortunately, not all spare parts are available, not all parts can be repaired and not all problems can be fixed; human body might be worse because most of our body doesn't have perfect spare parts.

We need to maintain or cope with our body and mind condition and not everyone can do it. And this is why when our loves one needs a special cares or assistance, we might not always be the best fit for the responsibilities. When the time comes, especially for a family that experiencing it for the first-time; it can be overwhelming - emotionally and financially. What to expect or what critical criteria you should use for decisions making. We will talk about some easy step and information you need for starting to search to the right place for your loved one. 

Similar to other decisions, you should ask some questions and prioritize it.

1) Start with something that very important - budget: with the inflation and all high cost of labor and utilities, residential facility charges according to a patient's level of care and daily living expenses.

Start from a budget that you can afford in long term. Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare is always available to aid them financially. A family member can also tap to help however, it's best to go with the budget that the family is comfortable.

Group Home normally charging between 2500 and above, depending on the room that you want to get. Shared Rooms are the best option with the said budget. You might still be lucky to find something in 2000 but it is very rare, and of course you get what you pay. Private Room along with its privacy and exclusiveness comes with a price, starting price is 2500 and above depending on the room size and amenities.

2) What is the condition and diagnosis? Patient's mobility, memory condition and their personalities. Not all homes fit everyone's needs and you know what is best for your family. Some residents prefer a bigger house with spacious area with yard. Some prefer a smaller cozy resembles home type facility. Some look into the facility location and environment and some prefer an interactive home - daily living, physical activities and serving quality food.

But the most important factor to consider is the level of service a home can provide and how they can handle your loved one's condition. Group home service normally includes medication management, three meals, housekeeping and laundry (the frequency depends on the house), patient supervision (some home is 24 hrs some home in the nighttime is only emergency service), patient assistance daily living such as taking a bath, feeding, changing diapers. Basically, group home is responsible in hygiene, daily living and medication management for their patients.

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